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The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab was a five-year research initiative, extended to six years, that addressed important challenges faced by the global digital game research community and industry, with a core focus on identifying and solving research problems using a multi-disciplinary approach that can be applied by Singapore's digital game industry. The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab focuses on building collaborations between Singapore institutions of higher learning and several MIT departments to accomplish both research and development.

TechBiz Xccelerator aka TBX is run by a group of people who are passionate about creating impact from inventions. It comprises technology development, software engineering, user experience, marketing, business development, quality assurance, project management and technical support folks who enjoy working with like-minded people, love to talk to inventors about their inventions and is passionate about creating impactful solutions for society.


Nurture Craft is a full-service education company established in 1992 operating in Singapore and Malaysia. Nurture Craft provides a wide range of education services such as student enrichment programmes infused with thinking skills, collaboration with primary and secondary school in curriculum lessons, education training, public events and in-school workshops. Moreover, Nurture Craft distributes educational magazines and leading education products for teaching resources, classroom art supplies and materials.